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Cricut Homemade Valentines Cards! (Pen and Marker Holders)

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Click here for a link to the original project

If you haven’t had a chance to try out your new Zoom pen and marker holders, and you’re looking for a simple, yet adorable, project for your trial run, this is the project for you! These customizable Valentines are a low cost, easy project for any beginners out there! And bonus - the result is kid tested, kid approved! My nieces and nephews LOVED their Valentines.

Here’s what you need to get started:

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For this project, I started out with a pre-made project through Cricut Access, and then tweaked some things to make these Valentines completely customizable! I’m going to walk you through how to do just that! For starters, make sure you’ve opened the pre-made project, here. (TIP: If you’re a Cricut Access member, this entire project should be free. If not, you can still do this project, there will just be purchases throughout).

Once you’ve opened the project, drag and highlight one of the full Valentines, like this:

Copy and Paste the Valentine. You should now have 4 Valentines (3 of the pre-made ones and 1 duplicate).

Re-highlight the newly pasted Valentine and select “Detach” on the bottom right toolbar.

Once you’ve done this, you should have the ability to click on each piece of the Valentine individually (rather than a whole). For example, you could separately click on the text and move the placement of the text on the Valentine). For now, I’m going to select the image of the Dinosaur (as that is the one I want to replace at this time).

Once you’ve selected the image you’re wanting to replace, remove it by clicking “delete” on your keyboard or the “X” in the top left hand corner of the highlighted image.

And now for the fun customizable part! We’re going to replace the image with whatever “theme” you want to give your Valentine. To insert a new image, click on the “Images” icon on the left hand side of the studio. Now there are a few filters/steps to follow to make this as easy as possible:

  1. First, Make sure that you filter by “Operation Type” and select “Draw Only”. (If you are a Cricut Access Member, you’ll want to sort by “Cricut Access” as well to avoid any extra charges)

  2. Search for the type of image you’d like. It can be anything! This particular project came with a whale, an owl, and a dino. I searched for the following additional images: a dog, a deer, bubblegum machine, a sucker, pizza and a donut! Seriously, the sky is the limit! (Just be prepared to come up with some type of catchy Valentine phrase that matches your image… i.e. “You have a PIZZA my heart!” Cheesy.. I know… ;)

  3. Select the images you’d like (Tip: You can select multiple and they’ll all insert at the same time.)

Once you’ve inserted your new image into your design space, you’ll need to drag it onto your valentine. (Tip: You may need to right click it and “Move to Front” if it’s being hidden by your Valentine.)

You’ll likely need to resize the image so that it fits in place of the previous image. You can do this simply by clicking on the image and clicking/dragging on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner. They look like this:

After you’ve resized so that it fits in place of the previous image, you’ll want to ensure that it’s perfectly centered in the middle of the Valentine. You can do this by eyeballing it, but if you want to be 100% certain that it’s centered, you can use the nifty “Alignment” tool. To do this, highlight both the image and the Valentine. Select “Arrange” at the top of your Design Space Studio. Select “Center Horizontally”. Ta-da! You should be good to go!

Now that you have a new image, we need to update the text to match it! (And if you’re struggling to think of some catchy phrases that match your image, a quick google or pinterest search might help you! ;) To edit the text, double click on the text that is already in place. This should pop up the text box allowing you to edit the current text with your updated text. (Again, if the new text needs centered perfectly, click “Align” then “Center Horizontally”)

Tip: If you want any piece of your Valentine to print in a color other than black, click on the image or text that you want to change. Clicking on it should highlight just that specific piece. On the top of your tool bar towards the left side, there should be a section called “Line Type” under “Line Type” it should say “Draw”. Next to “Draw” there is a little square box. Select that box and choose which color you want to change your selected piece to.

At this point your Valentine should look complete! The last thing we need to do is attach it all together so that it prints as one, rather than splitting it all up. Once your Valentine looks exactly how you want it to, highlight the entire card (Make sure it includes each piece of the Valentine: the text, the card, the image, everything!).

The easiest way to do this is by dragging your mouse over the entire thing! Once it’s all highlighted, select “Group” and then “Attach”. (Tip: It will not let you click “Attach” unless you’ve grouped the pieces first!)

If you want to make another customized Valentine, repeat each of the steps above as many times as you please! Starting with copying and pasting one full Valentine.

Once you’ve made all of your customizations, you’re all set! Click “Make it” and use White Cardstock as your material.

Bonus - your Zoom Precision Pens have a slight sparkle in them that adds the perfect touch to these Valentines!

If you end up making a customized Valentine with your Zoom Precision Pens, be sure to tag @zoomprecision and use #

Happy crafting! And Happy Valentine's Day!

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