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Large Metal Wall Art (11x14 inches) made with Zoom Precision Engraving Tool

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Need a clean-looking decoration for that spot on your wall? Or perhaps a classy DIY wedding gift for the new couple? Whatever your need, these signs will certainly impress!

I'm showing you using a Brother ScanNCut DX machine, but this can be done using a Cricut or Silhouette machine as well.


  1. 11 x 14 inch metal engraving sheet

  2. Zoom Precision Engraving Tool

  3. Brother ScanNCut, Cricut, or Silhouette machine

  4. Ideally a 12 x 24" mat for your machine (can use a 12 x 12" mat if needed, just have to leave a 2" margin lengthwise)


To begin, place your 11x14 inch metal sheet on your mat. I like to place a couple pieces of tape on the edges to be certain it won't slide around. (Fair warning, your mat will get dirty as the shavings brush off onto the mat. Just carefully brush them off after it has completed, or, I like to wash them off with the hose. You could probably put tape around the sheet to protect your mat if you wanted but doesn't bother me too much)

I use Etsy to find a design I like, or you can design one yourself. I prefer SVG but PNG can work as well depending on your software. With a ScanNCut machine just make certain each image has the "Draw" function selected and it has a fill color.

I also prefer to use a 12 x 24" mat, though if you only have a 12 x 12 mat, it can work, you just can't engrave 1 inch on each side since it is 14 inches long.

Place your Zoom Precision Engraving tool in the machine. I like to use the regular tip for the first engraving and then follow up with a deeper etch with the fine tip (more later)


Send your design from your computer to your machine the way you would any other design. With the regular tip I use full force on my machine and set the speed between 30-50% full speed. With the fine tip I back off the pressure and do 50-75% full force with speed still at 30-50%. Some software (Silhouette Studio and older Brother Canvaspace CM models) you will be able to adjust line spacing and direction. You can play with those to change the feel of your design.

After you have done your first engraving, DON'T REMOVE YOUR MAT FROM THE MACHINE!!! You want to keep the mat in the machine so that it will track exactly in the same place when you go over it a second time. I remove the Zoom Engraving tool and change the tip to the fine tip. Then, replace the tool and start the second engraving by hitting start on your machine.

You can go over it as many times as you'd like, but I have found that two times is almost always sufficient. Brush off the shavings into the garbage can carefully and wash off the rest with water. Put this masterpiece in a frame and show it off to all your friends!

Happy Crafting!

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